Twice a month, #theAgenda will host an hour-long discussion with dynamic women from various backgrounds  to learn more about their career, challenges they’ve faced along the way, time management tips and how they celebrate their success.


July 13th: Karen Millsap, The Grief Consultant

Karen Millsap became a widow at 29 when her husband was tragically murdered while teaching his CrossFit class. After losing most of her support network and experiencing a domino effect of other losses, Karen recognized the overall lack of support in our society for grieving people. Grief is ever present across the nation and around the world from the death of loved ones, to life-altering illnesses, divorce - even job loss.

Karen’s corporate services division of The Grief Consultant, Egency, offers culture solutions to help organizations implement practical empathy in the workplace to strengthen engagement and improve overall performance. Her upcoming book, Now What?, is a simple guide to master phase next gives you guidance on how to pick yourself up, grow through any hardship, and ultimately unleash the best version of yourself.

August 10th:  Mattie James, Influencer + Entrepreneur, MattieJames.com

Mattie James is the influencer & entrepreneur behind MattieJames.com. Since 2010, Mattie has collaborated with household name brands like Macy’s, Cotton, H&M, Google and many more. More than “just a blog”, Mattie James - as a brand - has evolved into a 360 degree brand that has a blog (with consistent, original content), 2 podcasts, a newsletter & YouTube channel. With a social media following of over 160,000 lifestyle enthusiasts, Mattie has also expanded into creating physical products, including the Slay Your Day planner, now available on Amazon. With no plans of slowing down, Mattie is excited to collaborate and grow more than ever before in 2017 by providing brands with unmatched value through original content, organic engagement & overwhelming results.