Twice a month, Her Agenda Insiders hosts an hour-long discussion with dynamic women from various backgrounds to learn more about their career, challenges they’ve faced along the way, time management tips and how they celebrate their success.


October 4th @ 3PM EST: Riki Franco, CEO of Innovation Partners NYC, Founder of Alpha Cats

Time after time, you see motivational posters promoting the importance of learning from your failures. Whenever you're going through one, these lessons can be hard to see, or to stay motivated through. It still rings true that failure is inevitable, but how you deal with the aftermath is in your hands. Join Her Agenda Insiders for #PowerHour with Riki Franco, CEO of Innovation Partners NYC and Founder of Alpha Cats. At Innovation Partners NYC, Riki represents international founders in getting their start-up launched in the United States. She comes from a finance background, and was the youngest CFO of a global jewelry company in Mexico who oversaw $300 million in yearly revenue. She is also Founder of Alpha Cats, an exclusive network of women who see career as an attitude.